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Birch Log
Based in Moscow, Russia

Release Date:
Fall, 2016





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Auto-Staccato is a ‘rhythm game’ by Birch Log taking place in a variety of fantasy settings. You must use your weapon or magic glowing hands to “Fight Your Music” by hitting enemies in time to the beat. Featuring a campaign mode with a mix of worlds and arenas and included music, players can also battle against their own music.


We did it! Using a creative blend of innovation and inspiration, we combined the experiences of listening to music and playing games to give birth to a brand new genre: The rhythm game.

In our quest to explain this new genre to you, the press, we were not surprised to see that our fans have already taken to Wikipedia to describe it perfectly:

“Games in the genre typically focus on dance or the simulated performance of musical instruments, and require players to press buttons in a sequence dictated on the screen. Doing so causes the game’s protagonist or avatar to dance or to play their instrument correctly, which increases the player’s score.”

(It’s amazing how devoted these fans are before release! But come on – dancing to a game? That might be taking it too far, guys)

We didn’t read any further down on that Wikipedia page, and we suggest you don’t either.

Just rest assured that we probably created the rhythm game genre, and the genre’s first ever entry, Auto-Staccato, will allow you to fight your music.


  • Automatic song analysis without need for any manual editing (mp3, ogg and wav support)
  • Game Modes include Horde, First-Person, Campaign, Single Song 3 lanes or 5 lanes, and Easy/Medium/Hard difficulties
  • Upgrades including Armor, Life Steal, Focus, and Combo Multiplier Bonus
  • Campaign Mode: Steam Leaderboards
  • 7 Different Worlds
  • Steam Workshop Support



Greg Seguru

Design & Development, Birch Log

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